Semalt: Effect Of Plagiarism On Web Content

With so many contents on the internet providing similar information, it’s common for web owners to assume they can copy and paste content without any side effects. Yes, it’s faster and saves you a lot of stress, but what if we told you that you've been sabotaging your chances of success? 

In our society today, Plagiarism has become an expensive offense, mostly in the academic sector. However, the internet is another form of education. After all, we go there to read, watch, and learn new things. But our main focus is that Plagiarism is wrong. No one should copy another person’s work, and there is no justified reason for Plagiarism.  

Regardless of how many contents you see on the internet, someone hasn't mentioned that you can put in your content. That is the beauty of creating your content. You get to blend it with your entire website and indeed share a connection to the information you are providing. You get to express yourself in your unique way.

With the explosive growth in the number of webpages fighting to make it to the front page of SERP, there has also been a rise in the number of plagiarized contents. Web owners feel it's a lot better to copy SEO optimized content off another website to put on theirs. After all, Google won’t notice, but is that true?  

Semalt recognizes that there is something different in you. This is why we take our time to create content that is 100% unique. Your content helps you pass the right message to your audience demographic. Once you trade this for another website’s content, you immediately begin advertising on their behalf. 

Today, you can find websites that have copied over and over again from other websites. They fail to realize that they are only increasing the amount of stress and effort they will have to put in at the end of the day. If you have your website with any form of Plagiarism, contact Semalt and get it fixed today. Because if you don’t, prepare your mind that you’ve done something very harmful to your website. 

Plagiarized contents aren't beneficial

This may sound a little bit far shot or untrue, but the truth remains that plagiarized content on your website won’t benefit you. Thanks to plagiarism checker tools, writers and other web developers can know which contents are plagiarized on their web pages. Using such plagiarism tools, you are sure there is no other article on the internet that is exactly like yours.

You may not notice just how destructive plagiarized content may be immediately, but after a while, Google will get you, blacklist your site, and lose visitors. Even the slightest form of Plagiarism will violate and shred your SEO chances so bad you’ll regret ever trying to copy. 

Plagiarizing web contents 

Paraphrased article chain: 

With many content developers searching for shortcuts, sometimes the content you’re copying has already been copied from somewhere else. To avoid been flagged for Plagiarism, such contents may have paraphrased so that it carries the same meaning but uses different words. 

This will stop your website from getting flagged for Plagiarism, but it will also affect your website's reputation. Readers are smart, and they would be able to spot certain similarities in several articles across the internet. No doubt you’ve come across web content, and immediately, it looks familiar. That feeling is enough to make visitors lose interest and reputation. 

When you do this, your website would also get DE ranked for containing misleading information. Google always discovers new ways to spot sites that claim to be "smart," They punish them in their way. Another reason why your website may flag for considering misleading information is when you copied misleading information. Since you didn't do your research or write the content yourself, you aren't sure about what it says. So you might just end up rephrasing misleading information that can destroy your SEO ranking.

Cut and paste 

This is another way of plagiarizing web content where bits and pieces of web content are copied directly from other websites and are pasted without any effort to change them. This is a very low blow because your website should be your and not a cohesive copy of your competitions. 

Some form of duplication is expected in web contents of the same Niche. A topic like “Advantages of SEO" is common across many websites on the internet, and they would not be termed Plagiarism. Cut and paste Plagiarism occurs when you use the same words in the same order in a sentence, or if you lift an entire phrase or even paragraph, such actions would be penalized.

Duplicate content

Many times, Semalt comes across questions such as is duplicate content plagiarism? Well, this is a perfect place to answer that question. 

Duplicate contents are common online, and it’s almost natural. This is because, on a website of 50+ pages, it’s easy to lose track of what you’ve mentioned and what you haven’t. This makes search engine algorithms very forgiving if they come across duplicated web content. However, some duplicated content can get you in trouble. 

Some type of internal duplicate content like your call to action paragraph showing on each page and repeat certain products on different pages and categories are harmless. After all, you're trying to generate sales.

However, contents copied over multiple domains, a black hat tactic, will permanently remove your website from the search engine result page.  

Effects of Plagiarism on your SEO

The success of your website depends on your search engines. You need to understand that you cannot manipulate search engines, especially a search engine like Google. There was a time you could just write one keyword 70 times in an article of 100 words, and you’ll rank. Today, you can’t get away with that. Google regularly updates its algorithm for ranking websites to find and remove websites that don't meet its standards. This makes all the effort of trying to cheat the system pointless. People who try to manipulate the system eventually get caught, and they will face penalties that may ruin their website.  

Google takes Plagiarism seriously. It describes it as a deceptive practice to alter the ranking of your website, and they won’t have it. Whether intentional or by a genuine mistake, you must make sure your web contents are Plagiarism free. 

Getting Rid Of Plagiarism

Getting rid of Plagiarism isn't a difficult task. If you know the right tools and with Semalt, you could breeze through it in no time. However, it may be more difficult to ensure that your website doesn’t get plagiarized by another website. 

Yes, you read right, allowing your website to be plagiarized by another website can cost you. Think of it as salt being added to your injuries. Google is a numbers algorithm. If your website has been plagiarized, and the culprit is attracting more traffic and doing better than you on SERP, the chances are that Google will flag your website for plagiarizing the real bad website. In some cases, you may end up losing your website. 

To avoid this, you need to make sure your content doesn’t get plagiarized.

Here is a short checklist you can follow to make sure your website is Plagiarism clean

Step 1 Get an account on the Semalt website; this is probably the only step you will have to take. With Semalt, you get to relax and watch the magic happen. 

You can also go this way:
  • Outline clear guidelines for your editors and content developers
  • Ensure all the information sources used are checked and verified
  • Ensure that your content brings something new and fresh to the table. 
  • To get the best, you need to spend some money. Avoid getting too cheap content producers. They may end up leaving you frustrated and in trouble.

How does Semalt get rid of Plagiarism on websites?

Semalt depends on not just one but several tools to find and get rid of Plagiarism from articles. Our web content developers are professionals at their jobs. Rather than creating content with Plagiarism and then having to reconstruct almost everything just to get rid of it, why don't you hire a Semalt writer? This saves you time and the additional cost you would have spent in fixing the error.

Semalt also scans through your website if you've already created it and finds Plagiarism. If there are, we then remove them and replace them with unique content that still carries the message you what them to. Now you have a website that’s unique to just your website and secret recipes to ensure visitors prefer your website to your competitions. 

You can have a Plagiarism free website with Semalt. You can get on the first page and stay there with Semalt. Get in touch with us today. Our wonderful team is willing to hear your problems, and give you the quality website you deserve. You can also get in touch with our customer representatives to get answers to all your questions on SEO and your website. 

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